Where to find documentation for Flutter on Desktop

Where to find documentation for Flutter on Desktop


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All of you developers know how important it is to have good documentation and Flutter is one of the best out there, with available sample code, and introductory videos. All this allows beginners to immediately have something to get their hands dirty and more experienced developers to deepen the customizations and everything that is made available by the framework.

The official Flutter documentation can be found on this page Flutter Docs, the main access point to all resources. We can start from the section on how to install Flutter on your operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS.

Then go to the code examples in the section Samples or Cookbok to solve common problems and you can also run the app directly in the browser. So you can pass to the widget catalog and for those of you who want to go even deeper into the API documentation.

A very interesting feature of the Flutter source code is that all the documentation is present within the source code itself, in case you want to learn more about a widget, understand what parameters it accepts, learn how it's built, you can go to sift through the code and read the documentation without going to the website


Desktop specific documentation

On the Flutter website, there is also a section entirely dedicated to the use of Flutter for the development of desktop applcations with the purpose of

Build high-quality desktop apps without compromising compatibility or performance.

On this page, you can find quick links to the specific documentation for desktop support with the requirements and dependencies to be installed on our system to create and launch our first desktop application. If you already have an application developed with Flutter and you want to introduce desktop support, just type in the command line at the root of your project:

flutter create --platforms=windows,macos,linux .

On the same page, you can also find the documentation on how to create the executables to be distributed on the various platforms, the plugin support and as always samples and codelabs.

There are already a good number of examples of desktop applications written in Flutter such as:

  • Invoice Ninja: Invoice Clients, Track Work-time, Get Paid Online
  • Flokk: a delightful contact manager for your Google Contacts
  • Flutter Folio: a multi-platform app that feels great on every device
  • Flutter Sidekick: a simple desktop interface for tools that enhance Flutter development experience to make it even more delightful
  • Rows: the spreadsheet with superpowers, here the YouTube product video;
  • AppFlowy.IO: Open Source Notion Alternative

In the coming months with the possible support of macOS and Linux as well I expect that more and more desktop applications will be developed in Flutter and this site with its publications will give a little support in this process.

See you in the next article and in the meantime Happy Fluttering ๐Ÿ’™

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